HUSBAND SUMMIT is a combination of a demonstration, workshop, team building, video conferencing & mentorship; followed by optional, in person meetings, a lifelong brotherhood of certified husbands & daily support; as needed.
Mr. GRANGENOIS, the leader of the family, brings his Martinique heritage, and Ro follows with her New Orleans heritage & piece. Both have slave roots, and have turned those roots into their own personal royalty. Now, Laurent and Ro happily share wisdom of generational greatness with others, as a family. Both coming from several generations of successful marriages, on both of their mothers’ and fathers’ sides, they bring their families’ personal expertise to HUSBAND SUMMIT, plus the 2 years of international research used to write the acclaimed book, MAN LEADS. In a league of their own, these teachings offer the wisdom of the best husband practices of Africa, India, Asia, etc. A wave of highly successful marriages, to foster generational greatness, is our goal!

Included in the Guided Match Membership for Men.

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