About FamilyMatcher.com FAMILY SUCCESS!

1. At FamilyMatcher, we are wise to know that matching starts with attraction, but that marriage is mostly for personal growth and generational success. This is a big secret, which will continue to make your family great. Love grows tremendously with such a wise recipe of required respect and practiced adoration. Our FamilyMatcher team uses this wisdom and our other international family wisdom secrets, to find and prepare your best, most loveliest match.

2. Intercultural African matching is often needed, to match couples together, where at least 1 spouse comes from a two parent home. Family Matcher families have a less than 1% divorce rate, since 2015. We are very proud. This gift that we have, is used to match great families together, now shareable on a broader level. Welcome.

3. Many modern black families need guidance, wisdom and support from parents; who cannot fulfill such needs for various reasons. As experts in black family success, Family Matcher fills this void, and we are with you for life, essentially a type of adoptive parents. The option and choice for generational success is yours.

4. Once accepted, your FamilyMatcher parents will match you. We match qualified single men and women, for the best blended family success. This success comes from preparing parents, grandparents, and the children too; using our ancient, international teachings, available online, and at our international travel study programs.

5. Certified Wives must complete years of intense training, from expert wife wisdom from across earth. Certified Wives learn and practice all 100+ of the needed wife duties. They must pass written and in person tests, including feminine grace, poise, wealth, health, intimacy, cleaning, cooking, wisdom, family loyalty, family honor, family legacy support, and so much more.

6. Husbands do well with their natural masculine instinct, and a few tips, shared with fellow husbands, in husband summit courses. Husband summit courses give our husbands huge advantages to know exactly how to make their wife happy, and how to continuously protect & provide for her.

7. Marriage is a place for personal growth too. Before marriage, marriage negotiations should be completed, for added family security. These include little and bigger negotiations, based on our family knowledge of what married couples face, and how to get through any issues with grace; year after year.

8. Yes, this is a whole system of family support. Welcome. Commit. Qualify. Do the work. Repeat.

The Team