How does FamilyMatcher work ?

To stay excellence focused, accepts only 25 Clients at once. If our system allows you to apply, it means that space is currently available. If you are serious about your family legacy and the financial success that comes with a successful family, you must not hesitate.

Each client must qualify to be accepted, by our inter-culturally skilled Family Matchers. Our three month client program includes Family Matching, the courses of Husband summit and Wife School, Man Leads Book, and a huge step toward your international travel…

One of the best features of our membership, is International travel study. The full cost of your membership becomes your deposit for your future travel to Africa, Europe or Asia, for meeting your future spouse or simply for group travel studies.

Our dynamic Family Matcher process works in 3 steps :

Step 1

Assessment : Upon your free subscription, you will receive a questionnaire, to determine your personality and if you correspond to our standard. This 10 minute questionnaire needs to honestly be completed, for matching to be accurate. If improvements are needed to qualify, mentorship will be an option.

Step 2

Introductory consultation : Once you qualify, you’ll meet with your matchmaker, and personally discuss who your best match should be. Your matchmaker will communicate any needed suggestions, at this time, also.

Step 3

Honestly complete your profile & match preferences. Soon after, your matchmaker will produce your top matches, using several ancient, international, family wisdom secrets. You can meet one match at a time, until matched for marriage with a date. Needed marriage negotiations are an option, at this point.

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